Best Android Apps of the Month August 2018

Everyone has a smartphone in this world and mostly they are Android and here come the best things, the millions of apps available on play store and thousands of apps is not available on play store which even more awesome than play store apps and Google doesn’t want this that we use these apps,
So Here we back with best Android apps of the month August 2018 in which some of them are available on play store but another one is not
You can download all apps from given links below
So check them out


1 – Torrent Villa – Download

Well everyone knows about torrent and this is very useful for us but when we search for any torrent file we can’t find it or some websites even can’t open and all these processes are much more time consuming, so here we came with best torrent search client for you the torrent villa by which you can download all your movies,software’s, streaming sites content, or even Android and PC games without any redirecting, you can start your download in seconds with any Torrent client or even use this app as client or use a utorrent or BitTorrent for downloading faster. This app is not present on play store so you can download from given link below.


2 – HOLO

In this new technology era Everyone mainly focus on artificial intelligence which is really awesome, with the help of this AI-powered app called holo you can experience amazing augmented reality on your Android screen basically this app provides 3D models of some characters which you can place on your desk or floor artificially to look like they are real and best part of this app is motion tracking which is very exact than other, so you can try this app to experience augmented reality.


3 – YouTube Vanced – Download

YouTube Vanced is basically a modified version of YouTube Android app, like OG YouTube and GB WhatsApp but this app doesn’t require any root permission which is great. This Modified version of YouTube provide extra features apart from YouTube official app, so check them out

  • YouTube Vanced Provide Dark Mode which changes your experience of using YouTube app, dark mode is very beneficial than light mode because of this consume less amount of battery due to less amount of active pixels and low damage to your eyes from the blue light.
  • YouTube Vanced provide ad-free experience for your YouTube videos, yes this app doesn’t contain any advertisements on any videos
  • YouTube Vanced Provide Background Music playback to play your favorite songs in the background.


4 – PUBG Companion

Developer: Pixel Bot
Price: Free
  • Guide for BATTLEGROUNDS Screenshot
  • Guide for BATTLEGROUNDS Screenshot
  • Guide for BATTLEGROUNDS Screenshot
  • Guide for BATTLEGROUNDS Screenshot
  • Guide for BATTLEGROUNDS Screenshot
  • Guide for BATTLEGROUNDS Screenshot
  • Guide for BATTLEGROUNDS Screenshot
  • Guide for BATTLEGROUNDS Screenshot
  • Guide for BATTLEGROUNDS Screenshot

Play Unknown Battle Ground – PUBG you already played this game on your Android device and maybe you become pro player till now but what about noob players or Beginners which start this game and doesn’t know anything about this game like Which guns damage more, which places have the highest loots on the map, and other add-on guide.
With PUBG companion the Android app you can explore all secret of PUBG and do first winner winner chicken dinner.


5 – Photoshop Touch – Download

Everyone wants great photo editing apps to edit their pictures to look even better and you find all these apps only on play store, Photoshop touch by Adobe is an amazing photo editor but I don’t know why this app is not available on play store. Adobe Photoshop touch provides amazing and many tools which are possible on Android and the best thing of this app this so easy, you can make your YouTube thumbnails like me and banners or edit pics to next level.

So, these are some Best Android Apps of the month August 2018 which is very useful I think and what you think about these apps tell me in the comment box.
Thanks for giving time to read this article,
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